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PECO Series 77V

A. GENERAL DATA The Series 77V vertical reverse flow coalescer is designed for separation of solids and coalescing of liquid contaminants from a natural gas stream. The primary use is for aerosolized mist and small droplets. It is available in all major design codes and certifications from 10” through 84” diameter sizes. The vessel is separated into two stages. The first stage compartment in the lower chamber of the vessel has a free liquid knockout section to allow for large volumes of liquids and solids to fall out below a proprietary PEFDB design. This PEFDB in the first stage ensure liquids will not re-entrain with the gas. The second stage of the vessel is separated by a cartridge support plate that holds the coalescing cartridges. In the second stage flow is from inside to outside on the coalescing cartridges and then up and over a baffle around the outlet nozzle. A quickopening closure is provided on the top of the vessel in order to change-out cartridges in the second stage.


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